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Mission Statement

Cultivating a Community of Learners

Cambridge Heights Open School is one of six alternative schools in the San Juan Unified School District. Students from throughout the District may enroll as there are no attendance boundaries. Enrollment occurs in January through a District lottery system. Parents who choose to enroll their children in the alternative school program must realize that parent involvement, support and positive attendance are crucial to the overall success of their students and the program.

Our Mission Statement

Our physically open design (POD) provides an enriched learning environment through team teaching, flexible student groupings and collaboration. Students, educators, and parents, together, cultivate a caring community emphasizing academic standards and social skills. Enrichment and intervention activities are provided to meet the diverse needs of our students. Our mission is to foster self-directed and self-disciplined life-long learners who contribute to society in meaningful ways.


  • All students will develop and apply 21st century skills such as problem solving, critical and creative thinking, collaboration, and the use of technology.
  • All students will annually demonstrate measurable growth in Math and English Language Arts.
  • All students will demonstrate the skills and knowledge of a healthy, balanced lifestyle enhanced by physical fitness and the visual and performing arts.
  • All students and staff will consistently demonstrate positive character traits and choices to ensure a healthy, responsible family community.

Strategic Plan Tactics

Tactic 1

We will ensure effective staff communication and collaboration that is honest, transparent, and timely, to build trusting relationships and to create unified instructional agreements.

Tactic 2

We will integrate 21st century skills, embedding relevant technology, into teaching and learning to cultivate and instill a life-long passion for exploring and discovering.

Tactic 3

We will ensure all students have access to effective and appropriate instruction, including cross-grade opportunities, that actively engages and promotes their educational and personal growth.

Tactic 4

We will identify, model, and integrate positive character traits and well-balanced life styles to help our students become contributing, responsible, and healthy members of our family community and society.